AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD Wall Charger with Nintendo Switch. Cable not included.

AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD – Travel Ultra Light [UPDATED]

AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD Wall Charger with Nintendo Switch. Cable not included.

AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD with Nintendo Switch. Cable not included.

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AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD – A pocket sized USB-C PD wall charger

Model: PA-Y18

AUKEY PA-Y18 included in the box

AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD box and contents

Tech Specs:

  • Ports: USB-C
  • Output: 18W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A)
  • Input: 100V–240V, 0.5A, 50/60Hz
  • Size:  1.42 x 1.42 x 1.26 inches | 36 x 36 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 oz | 43 grams

Switch Chargers Ratings:

Included In Box:

  • AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD
AUKEY PA-Y18 in a Nintendo Switch case

AUKEY PA-Y18 in a Switch carrying case.


  • Charges Switch while you play
  • Among the smallest USB-C PD chargers on the market
  • Supports iPhone fast charging with Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable
  • Travel friendly design
  • Fits in most Switch carrying cases
  • Works worldwide with 100-240V power input (may need a plug adapter)


  • Switch under draws from 12V power profile, so not as fast as other USB-C PD chargers
  • Doesn’t included a USB-C cable

Compared With Similar Chargers

ChargerAUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD Wall ChargerAnker PowerPort PD 1AUKEY PA-Y15 18W USB-C PD ChargerGoogle 18W USB-C Power Adapter
Switch Speed RatingGood+GreatGreatGreat
Switch Safety RatingSafeUSB-IF CertifiedSafeSafe
FeaturesTravel FriendlyTravel FriendlyTravel Friendly
USB-C CableNoneNoneNoneIncluded
Also Good ForPhone, TabletPhone, TabletPhone, TabletPhone, Tablet
1.4 x 1.4 x 1.3 inches
1.5 oz
2 × 1.7 × 1.1 inches
2.1 oz
2.2 x 2 x 1.1 inches
2.3 oz
2.1 x 1.6 x 1 inches
2 oz
Top: AUKEY PA-Y18. Bottom: Google 18W USB-C.

Top: AUKEY PA-Y18. Bottom: Google 18W USB-C.

Good For

  • Additional charger for home or work
  • Travel charger
  • iPhone and Android phones
  • iPad and tablets

First Impression

The AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD is almost as small as iPhone’s included 5W USB charger. But where those slow charge your phone this will fast charge newer iPhones. Not to mention the Nintendo Switch. It also has folding prongs, unlike most included phone chargers. Able to fit in your pocket it is as travel friendly as USB-C PD chargers get.

Power Meter Readings

Power meter readings - Switch Gaming

AUKEY PA-Y18 – Switch gaming power meter

Power meter readings - Switch Asleep

AUKEY PA-Y18 – Switch sleeping power meter

Power connection with Switch

AUKEY PA-Y18 – Switch power negotiation








The Nintendo Switch charges at the expected ~12W. The Switch under draws power at 12V, maxing out at 12W. At 9V or 15V it can get up to 18W. Chargers which offer 12V but not 15V will under perform with the Switch. The issue is with the Switch, not the charger. Please note 12W is still more than enough to charge the Switch in handheld mode while you play.

AUKEY appears to be aware of the issue. They state this charger, “Doesn’t charge Nintendo Switch at full speed.”

The PD protocol negotiation with the Switch shows it connecting with no voltage, then going to 12V once negotiation is complete. It is more usual to see a charger connect at 5V at the start. But I haven’t seen any issues with real world charging performance. The current behaves normally, stepping up after the 12V connection is made.

Power meter reading between AUKEY PA-Y18 and iPhone 8.

AUKEY PA-Y18 – iPhone 8 power meter

Power meter reading between AUKEY PA-Y18 and Moto G6.

AUKEY PA-Y18 – Moto G6 power meter









The power bank’s USB-C port supports fast charging the iPhone 8 using a USB-C to Lightning cable. Android phones that support USB PD, like Google and Essential, will see similar results. Other Android phones, including Samsung, Motorola, and Quick Charge enabled devices won’t fast charge. They will charge around 10-12W, depending on their individual power draw.


The AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD is a a great option for those who prefer to travel light. Other USB-C PD chargers can outperform it, but few do so at its size and weight. And the few that match its size are more expensive.

AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD Wall Charger


While the Switch under draws from its 12V power profile there is still enough to charge while you play. The Switch uses at most 8.9W during game play. This charger will provide up to 12W. That leaves 25% of the charge for the battery. And the Switch doesn’t draw much more than 10W while asleep, so no performance loss there. The difference between this and a full 18W charger is faster charging while you play. But that doesn’t affect your total playtime.

What you lose in performance you gain in portability. The AUKEY PA-Y18 is as small as an iPhone charger, and smaller than most Android phone fast chargers. Folding prongs make it perfect for travel. It takes up little space in a Switch carrying case and could even fit in your pocket. The smaller size does increase its temperature while in operation. But not enough to be a bother. My measurements of the external temperature never went past 86°F (30° C). And it was never too hot to handle.

As a travel charger this will also handle your iPhone or Android phone with USB-C. An iPhone 8 or X series can use a USB-C to Lightning cable to connect and fast charge. Android phones that support USB-C PD (Google Pixel, Essential Phone) will also fast charge using the same cable as the Switch. Other Android phones with USB-C will charge at their normal rate. The charger can also work on USB-C power banks, but are best left to charge overnight.


AUKEY has U.S. based support (web and email) and a 24 month warranty. You must have purchased the product either from them or through Amazon for support.

Bottom Line

The AUKEY PA-Y18 18W PD is a great charger for the minimalist traveler. It’ll keep a handheld Nintendo Switch charged while you play. And charge most USB-C phones and iPhones. What little you lose in charge time you gain in reduced size, weight, and cost.

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