Best iPhone 12 Chargers from AUKEY


AUKEY is one of the larger producers of USB chargers. They tend to be priced lower than their competition. And they push into newer technology, such as GaN, sooner. So naturally, they have previous and brand new chargers ready to go with the new iPhone 12. All at a better price than you’d find in an Apple Store. Check out this list of the best iPhone 12 chargers from AUKEY to see which is the best fit for you.

Portability | Multiple Devices | Wireless


Need a charger to carry on your commute or for travel? These emphasize small size and weight, perfect for going into any size bag.

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Best iPhone 12 Chargers and Wireless Charger from AUKEY

AUKEY’s classic pocket-size USB-C charger, offering enough output to fast charge an iPhone 12. It features folding prongs, protecting any devices rubbing against it while traveling.

The AUKEY PA-Y18 Minima 18W PD is one of my favorite options for an iPhone 12 fast charger. Its older design does not hold it back in either form or function. It can also charge your AirPods, but not a laptop.

Review of the AUKEY PA-Y18 Minima 18W PD

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Best iPhone 12 Chargers and Wireless Charger from AUKEY

AUKEY’s newest 18W USB-C PD charger. It has the same power output specs as the older PA-Y18 Minima model and also features folding prongs. The PA-F1 Swift is a bit larger and heavier but currently is offered at a lower price.

The AUKEY PA-F1 Swift 18W PD is as good at fast charging the iPhone 12 as the smaller options listed here. At the right price, it is the best value. Provided you do not demand the smallest or lightest option. Most of us would never notice an extra 0.5 ounce.

Multiple Devices

Need to charge more than the iPhone 12 at home, work, or while traveling? These offer multiple USB ports and support fast charging for two or more devices. Yet are still smaller than most included laptop power adapter, keeping them travel-friendly.

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Best iPhone 12 Chargers and Wireless Charger from AUKEY

With both USB-C and USB-A ports, it supports newer and older devices. It won several Best In Show awards from tech news sites covering CES 2020. The USB-C port will fast charge an iPhone 12 or support a mid-size MacBook Pro. But note the USB-C output drops from 65W to 45W whenever the USB-A port is also connected. The use of GaN tech with this charger gives it a small profile for its total power output. It is more akin in size to a 30W charger while offering more than twice the power output.

The AUKEY PA-B3 Omnia Mix 65W Dual-Port PD is for charging two devices at once, provided it is the right pairing. With an iPhone 12 on the USB-C port, a second iPhone will charge almost as fast on the USB-A port. Or connect your AirPods or any other small device. You can also connect a small to mid-size MacBook to the USB-C port and charge your iPhone 12 on the USB-A port. The iPhone will only charge ~15 minutes slower while saving you from needing two separate chargers.

Review of the AUKEY PA-B3 Omnia Mix 65W Dual-Port PD

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Best iPhone 12 Chargers and Wireless Charger from AUKEY

A flexible all-in-one charger. Either USB-C port will fast charge an iPhone 12, but they can also keep up with a 16-inch MacBook Pro. It leverages GaN tech, which allows for a smaller size. This charger is smaller and lighter than Apple’s 96W USB-C power adapter. Or many other chargers between 60-100W output.

The AUKEY PA-B7 Omnia Mix 4 100W is overkill for an iPhone 12 alone but a great choice if you travel with several devices. Plug in an iPhone 12 and a 12 to 13-inch MacBook, iPad Pro, AirPods, or a second iPhone. Charge a pair of MacBooks and connect the iPhone 12 to a USB-A port, charging only ~15 minutes slower than with USB-C. Or connect three iPhones at once (two with USB-C, one with USB-A) and get everyone up to 50% in about half an hour.

The power output from the PA-B7 Omnia Mix 4 100W depends on which ports are in use:

  • USB-C = 100W
  • USB-A = 12W
  • USB-C + USB-C = 45W + 45W
  • USB-A + USB-A = 12W shared
  • USB-C + USB-A = 65W + 12W
  • USB-C + USB-C + USB-A = 45W + 45W + 12W


Are you done with cables? Wireless charging options remove the clutter and extra step of plugging into an iPhone 12. But in exchange, you give up the faster charging only a cable connection can offer.

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Best iPhone 12 Chargers and Wireless Charger from AUKEY

This charging station handles the iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once. The phone stand takes an iPhone 12 or any other model iPhone or Android supporting Qi wireless charging. It goes up to 10W in specs, but expect closer to 7.5W with iPhone. A secondary Qi wireless charging pad fits an AirPod wireless charging case, going up to 5W. Lastly, a stand for the Apple Watch connects and holds it in place. Offering the same wireless charging rate (5W) as an Apple charger.

The AUKEY LC-A3 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock is ideal for those with the latest Apple products. The Qi charging pad for the iPhone and AirPods can work with other Qi-compatible devices. If you only have an iPhone, you may see more value with one of AUKEY’s wireless charging pads.

Please note this charging station doesn’t include a power adapter. To charge all devices, you’ll need to use a USB-A charger that supports Quick Charge 2.0/3.0. A USB-C to USB-A cable connects the wall charger to the charging station.