Safety Ratings Update

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I have updated my Switch charger safety rating system to use new labels for the ratings. This change is superficial and intended to reduce misunderstandings. The scale itself and metrics used to determine placement on that scale have not changed.


Under the previous safety rating system I used stars to denote where a charger or power bank fell on the scale. Other consumer safety rating systems use stars. Unfortunately, those same systems taught us only the top two are acceptable. Under my system the top three are acceptable for most Switch users. But I have had readers express concern over three star rated chargers at a glance. Once I went over the rating system with them they were usually comfortable with the chargers. But the ideal rating system shouldn’t need more than the infographic to explain it.

The new labels are more literal and should give a better quick understanding of what they mean. The details behind each level are the same. My hope is the new labels will better communicate safety levels.

Old-New Ratings

★★★★★ is now Nintendo Licensed
Nintendo produced or licensed chargers

★★★★☆ is now USB-IF Certified or Nintendo Suggested
Certified by the USB Implementors Forum or USB-A, which Nintendo has suggested using

★★★☆☆ is now Safe
Power profiles follow USB-C or USB-C PD standards

★★☆☆☆ is now Avoid
2+ USB-C ports, >3A output, or poor reviews

★☆☆☆☆ is now Do Not Use
Known issues

You can get more details on my Switch safety ratings here.