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Switch Chargers helps you find the right charger for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, USB-C Android, Nintendo Switch, and other USB-C devices.

  • Curated, comparison list of USB-C chargers, power banks, and cables.
  • Guides on finding the best charger for you.
  • USB Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and other USB-C related fast charging standards.
  • Fast charging iPhone and Android phones.
  • How the Nintendo Switch charges and charging it safely.
  • Product analysis of new and upcoming chargers.
  • Reviews, with hands on use and testing under real world conditions.
  • Recommendations based on research and testing. As well as a detailed understanding of how a product will perform with specific devices.

Switch Charges started as a helpful guide for new Nintendo Switch owners. Today it aims to help anyone with the most common USB-C devices.

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Testing Tools

No products found. | Nintendo Switch (updated, HAC-001-01) | Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Nintendo’s current generation video game console with USB-C
  • Supports USB-C Power Delivery
  • Nintendo’s Pro Controller, Joy-Con Charging Grip, and Poke Ball Plus also support USB-C charging

Apple iPhone 8

  • iPhone with Lightning port
  • Supports USB Power Delivery with a MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable
Motorola Moto G6
    • Android smartphone with USB-C
    • Supports USB-C charging and Motorola TurboPower fast charging
    • Also runs Ampere for testing

Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

  • First generation MacBook Pro with USB-C
  • Supports USB Power Delivery and Thunderbolt 3
Power-Z KM001
  • Advance USB power meter
  • Works with USB-A and USB-C PD
  • Detects available fast charge standards
  • PD sniffer identifies available power profiles
  • Measures resistance in USB cables
  • Plots power meter graphs using Windows application
  • Doesn’t work well with non-Power Delivery chargers
MakerHawk USB Multimeter Tester
  • Advance USB power meter
  • Works with USB-A, USB-C, and USB-C PD
  • Plots power meter graphs using Windows application
  • Used primarily for non-Power Delivery USB-C chargers

Qi Wireless Charger Tester

  • Advance USB and Qi wireless power meter
  • Set on top of Qi wireless charging pad, then manually adjust voltage and current draw
  • Plots power meter graphs using Windows application
No products found.
  • Measures surface temperature of chargers under heavy load