Best Samsung Super Fast Chargers In 2023

Best Samsung Super Fast Chargers In 2023

USB-C fast charging was adopted early by Samsung, Google, and most other Android phone brands and continues to evolve with the latest USB Power Delivery (USB PD) technology. More recently, Samsung has introduced Super Fast Charging and Super Fast Charging 2.0. These are marketing terms for a newer part of USB Power Delivery technology called Programmable Power Supply (PPS). The best Samsung Super Fast Chargers listed below will fast charge your phone today and likely your next phone.

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Front: Anker 312 Ace 25W, ZMI zPower 33W, and Anker 313 Ace 45W Rear: Anker 312 20W II and Anker 511 Nano Pro

Front: Anker 312 Ace 25W, ZMI zPower 33W, and Anker 313 Ace 45W
Rear: Anker 312 20W II and Anker 511 Nano Pro

Fast Charging Samsung Phones

For newer model Samsung phones, there are 2-3 levels of fast charging. Any of which is fine for overnight charging. The difference in the levels comes down to how much of your battery gets charged in the first 30 minutes.

Fast Charging (15W) – All Samsung Phones with USB-C

This is what most of us refer to when using the term “fast charging.” It is the baseline standard for USB-C-equipped phones supporting the USB Power Delivery standard. Samsung, Google, Motorola, and many other Android phones support USB PD fast charging. It is also the standard for the iPhone. Your phones will recharge the battery from 0-50% in about 30 minutes and take closer to an hour for the last 50% (for the purpose of safety and battery lifespan). Fast charging with an 18-20W charger is sufficient if you aren’t regularly needing to recharge during the day.

A USB-C charger offering 18W or more will fast charge your phone at this level. Those are the most common, smallest, and cheapest. It is safe to use a USB-C charger offering a higher wattage, such as the 65W or 100W charger you may use for your laptop. All USB-C devices control how much power they draw, so a higher-outputting charger won’t overload it.

Super Fast Charging (25W) aka PPS – Samsung S20, Note 10 and later

Programmable power supply (PPS) is an optional function within the USB Power Delivery standard. With regular fast charging, a charger delivers a constant voltage and initially a high current (amps) and steps down the current at set stages of battery capacity. This allows for fast 0-50% charging and protects the battery from long-term heat exposure. PPS does a much more frequent check-in on the charging status and allows for variation in both the voltage and the current. This allows for a faster recharge, especially in the first 30 minutes. It also puts less stress on the battery, helping expand its lifetime. If your device supports PPS, getting a matching PPS charger is a good idea. But PPS isn’t so much better that you should stress over not having a PPS-supporting device or charger.

Samsung Super Fast Charging is a marketing term they use for PPS. A charger that supports “Super Fast Charging” and a charger that supports “25W PPS” will perform the same for your phone. And both will benefit your phone battery’s lifetime over a regular 18-20W USB-C charger.

You can identify a PPS-supporting USB-C charger in one of two ways. One, they list support for PPS or “Samsung Super Fast Charging” which again is just another name for PPS. Two, check the power output specifications for something like this:

  • 3.3-5.9V/3A
  • 3.3-11V/2.7A
  • 5-11V/3A

The range of voltage is a strong indicator that the charger support PPS. The total wattage is found by multiplying the highest voltage with the amps listed next to it. All chargers listed below as supporting PPS have been tested and verified.

Super Fast Charging 2.0 (45W) – Select Samsung Plus and Ultra Phones

This final fast charging level, which is mostly found on higher-end Samsung phones such as the Ultra series, works the same as the PPS chargers mentioned above. But they support a higher total wattage (45W vs 25W), allowing for even faster charging. That said, the reality is there isn’t as big of a charge time difference between PPS 45W and PPS 25W as you may think. Both will fully charge your phone in about an hour. The 45W variant will get you to ~70% in 30 minutes, whereas the 25W variant will get you ~50%. So the 45W charger may be worth the extra cost if you need to fast charge your phone in the middle of the day. But for once-a-day charging, it may not be worth paying more for the 45W option.

To take advantage of a PPS 45W charger you also need a USB-C cable rated to handle 100W or 5A. A standard USB-C cable only handles up to 3A, but a higher current is needed to reach the 45W mark when using PPS. So plan to pay for a new charger and cable and keep the two together. Otherwise, your 45W PPS charger will perform more like a 25W PPS charger.

Fast Charging Other Android Phones

Newer Google Pixel and Motorola phones support PPS at the 25W level. So the 25W chargers on this list would be ideal, but you’ll also be fine with any 18-20W USB-C charger.

Older Androids with USB-C will also support fast charging with an 18-20W USB-C charger. You’ll need to look up the specifications of your specific model to see if it supports PPS. You are more likely to get a PPS-enabled phone with your next upgrade, so opting for a PPS-supporting charger now will help future-proof your needs.

If you have an OPPO, OnePlus, or Huawei phone, you can use all the chargers below. But to get your fastest possible charge time, you’ll need to stick with the fast charger made by those companies. Each uses a unique specification that is not standardized across the industry. You’ll also likely need either a 100W/5A USB-C cable or a proprietary USB-C cable.

Best Samsung Super Fast Chargers In 2023

The best Samsung Super Fast Chargers tend to have these qualities:

  • USB-C offering 25W PPS or 45W PPS
  • Small design, the lower the output the smaller the charger can be
  • Low cost, for only fast charging your phone there’s no need to pay for unneeded features

But in most cases the cost difference is small, so go for the size and features you want even if it is a few dollars more. Ultimately the best Samsung Super Fast Chargers are what fit your needs and priorities.

Anker 312 Ace 25W

The best value and travel-friendly Samsung Super Fast Charger.

The Anker 312 Ace 25W was designed and marketed toward Samsung phones with their Super Fast Charging (PPS 25W) feature. It does everything an 18-20W USB-C charger can do, plus provide more efficient super fast charging for any newer Samsung as well as newer Google and Motorola phones which also support PPS. It is travel-friendly, but not the smallest charger available.

This charger supports PPS/Super Fast Charging up to 25W.

Port 1: 25W USB-C | PPS 3.3-5.9V/3A, 3.3-11V/2.7A

Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.77 x 1.14 in | 2.4 oz

Anker 312 Ace 25W Review

ZMI zPower 33W

The best budget-friendly Samsung Super Fast Charger.

The ZMI zPower 33W charger is typically one of the least expensive on any phone charger list while still offering a compact design and more charging options than its pricier competitors. In addition to fast charging a phone, it can fast-charge most tablets (including all iPads) and even some small laptops. It is smaller than any other Samsung Super Fast Charger option on this list, but keep in mind its prongs do not fold.

This charger supports PPS/Super Fast Charging up to 25W.

Port 1: 33W USB-C | PPS 5-11V/3A

Dimensions: 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.34 in | 1.73 oz

ZMI zPower 33W Review

Anker 312 20W II

The best travel-friendly fast charger for your Samsung.

The Anker 312 20W II charger is the smallest option with foldable prongs, so no worrying about the metal tips catching on anything else in your bag or scratching your electronics. If you only charge your phone overnight while traveling the size here is a big perk over PPS support. The only reasons to pass on it are because you want the lowest price, the smallest, lightest option, or PPS/Super Fast Charging support.

Port 1: 20W USB-C

Dimensions: 1.23 x 1.25 x 1.3 in | 1.3 oz

Anker 312 20W II Review

Anker 511 Nano Pro

The smallest and lightest fast charger for your Samsung phone.

The Anker 511 Nano Pro is the smallest 18-20W charger you'll find from a reliable brand. Its fixed prongs are the compromise needed for the reduced size. Still suitable for travel when packed mindfully, also great for a dedicated outlet in a tight space, or when you want a wall charger that is hardly noticeable or more colorful.

Port 1: 20W USB-C

Dimensions: 1.16 x 1.16 x 1.18 in | 1.1 oz

Anker 511 Nano Pro Review

Anker 313 Ace 45W

The best travel-friendly Samsung Super Fast Charger 2.0.

The Anker 313 Ace 45W was designed and marketed toward Samsung S23 and later Pro and Ultra phones, which offer the Super Fast Charging 2.0 (45W) feature, getting up to 70% in the first 30 minutes. But as a regular 45W USB-C charger, it can also support any other model phone, iPad/tablet, small to medium-sized laptops, the Nintendo Switch's dock, and the Steam Deck.

This charger supports PPS/Super Fast Charging 2.0 up to 45W. Note you will need to use a 100W/5A USB-C cable to get Super Fast Charging 2.0 levels out of this charger.

Port 1: 45W USB-C | PPS 3.3-11V/5A, 3.3-16V/3A, 3.3-21V/2.2A

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 in | 2.5 oz

Anker 313 Ace 45W Review

Which Charger Should You Choose for Your Samsung?

Picking the best fast charger for your Samsung phone can be confusing if you don’t know its charger capabilities. So be sure to check its manual or specs to confirm which level of Super Fast Charging it supports. If you have a high-end Samsung phone which supports Super Fast Charging 2.0 then the Anker 313 Ace 45W is your best-performing option. But if you mostly recharge overnight then you likely wouldn’t miss the charging speed if you went for a cheaper or small charger.

Low to mid-range Samsung phones (S20/Note 10 or newer) and new Google Pixel and Motorola phones will be happy with the ZMI zPower 33W if the price is your top priority, but the Anker 312 Ace 25W can be a better travel option with its folding prongs.

Which Charger Should You Choose for Your Google, Motorola, and Other USB Phones without PPS?

All Androids mostly concerned with recharging overnight or short top-offs during the day will be satisfied with any of the chargers listed here. The Anker 312 20W II is the best all-around fast charger for USB phones I’ve tested, especially for travel. Its folding prongs make up for the slightly larger size. And it is in the middle of the pack in terms of price. For a better value, you can also pick up a two-pack of this charger for only a few dollars more.

The Anker 511 Nano Pro offers a smaller footprint in a power outlet and more color options if you want a wall charger that looks better. But while Anker boasts about its pocket size, many travelers don’t love the idea of the metal prongs sticking out. The ZMI zPower 33W is what I would recommend for anyone looking for a dedicated home or office charger where function matters more than form.

Comparison of All Recommended Fast Chargers for Samsung

Anker 312 Ace 25WZMI zPower 33WAnker 312 20W IIAnker 511 Nano ProAnker 313 Ace 45W
5V/3A, 9V/2.8A

5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A
PPS 5-11V/3A
5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A
5V/3A, 9V/2.22A
5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A

1.97 x 1.77 x 1.14 in1.2 × 1.2 × 1.34 in1.23 x 1.25 x 1.3 in1.16 x 1.16 x 1.18 in1.5 x 1.5 x 1.3 in
2.4 oz1.73 oz1.3 oz1.1 oz2.5 oz
Folding prongsFixed prongsFolding prongsFixed prongsFolding prongs

USB-C Cables for Samsung Super Fast Charging In 2023

If buying a new charger, you likely need a USB-C cable to go with it. I like to use dedicated travel chargers and cables to make packing easier. Here’s what to look for to get the best USB-C cable for your Samsung Super Fast Charger. These also work great for other Android phones and devices using USB-C fast charging.

What To Look For In a USB-C Cable

There are a lot of cheaply made and unregulated cables on the market. You want to look for known good brands to be sure you’re getting a safe and durable product. Finding one that is USB-IF certified by the developers of USB is a nice bonus.

For charging, there’s no difference between one well-designed USB-C cable and another. With the notable exception of using a Super Fast Charging 2.0 (45W only, not the 25W version), which must have a 100W/5A cable to support its faster charging performance. For everything else, you only need the 60W/3A that all USB-C cables support, and data transfer speeds aren’t a factor when it comes to charging. There is usually little cost difference between a 60W and 100W USB-C cable, so for the sake of future-proofing, I recommend focusing on 100W cables.

There can be a difference in the exterior of various cables. Many are standard nylon, which is thinner and more flexible. Recently braided nylon has become more popular, which offers more durability.

Best USB-C Cables In 2023

Anker New Nylon 100W USB-C to USB-C Cable

The most recommended 100W/5A charging cable for your Samsung Super Fast Charger 2.0 (45W).

Anker has constantly been a favorite brand for USB-C cables, and their New Nylon model is their best seller. It is sold in pairs unless you get the 10-foot option. But your cost per cable is lower than many other options. The extra cable can be used with almost any other USB-C device and charger. As a 100W/5A cable, it'll support Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0 (45W PPS) and laptops that use a 65-100W USB-C charger. It'll also charge smaller devices just as well as its same price 60W/3A cousin. The exterior is braided nylon which gives it more durability and lifetime bends. I use two of these in my travel kit and have been happy with the thinness and flexibility as a braided cable.

Length: 3, 6, 10 feet

Anker Powerline III USB-C to USB-C Cable

A non-braided Anker charging cable option for your best Samsung Super Fast Chargers.

An older but now classic Anker USB-C cable and a best seller for those who don't want a braided nylon cable. This model has a standard nylon exterior (less durable but thinner, lighter, and more flexible). While still supporting up to 100W/5A, allowing it to work with every charger on this list and the vast majority of USB-C devices and chargers.

Length: 6 feet

Cable Matters 100W USB-C to USB-C Cable

A USB-IF-certified charging cable for your phone.

Cable Matters is also a well-respected brand for all types of USB cables. Their go-to USB-C cable supports 100W/5A, making it compatible with all phone chargers listed here and most any other USB-C device and charger combination. The big selling point for this cable is that it is USB-IF certified. That means it meets all USB-C specifications and guidelines according to the USB-IF, the governing body which created USB-C. USB-IF certification is important to people who value assurances of device safety above all else. That said, a lack of USB-IF certification should never be seen as a red flag. To gain certification, a company has to buy membership into the USB-IF and then go through steps to submit and get testing done. Most brands (including Apple, a founding member of the USB-IF) don't find certification worth doing.

Length: 6.6 feet

Amazon Basics USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Charger Cable

Best value single charging cable for your phone.

Amazon Basics have stepped up its support for reliable, lower-cost USB-C accessories. This cable supports 60W/3A with a standard nylon exterior. No frills, though it is also USB-IF certified. But if you only need a single USB-C cable for your phone, and you aren't using a 45W Super Fast Charger, then this is the cheapest total cost option from a solid brand.

Length: 3, 6, 9 feet