Charge Testing the Poke Ball Plus

Poke Ball Plus icon, under controller settings.

While my wife was busy playing with Eevee I snuck off with the Poke Ball Plus and ran some tests. Its included (and much shorter) USB-C to USB-A cable caught my attention when first opening the box. I wanted to see if it has the same specs as the cable include with the Pro Controller and Joy-Con Charging Grip. And to see how fast the Poke Ball Plus charged compared to the other controllers.

USB-C to USB-A Cable
Poke Ball Plus CableJoy-Con Charging Grip CablePro Controller Cable
Model: HAC 010Model: HAC 010Model: HAC 010
1 foot (0.3 meter)5 foot (1.5 meter)5 foot (1.5 meter)
56k Ohm resistor56k Ohm resistor56k Ohm resistor
Made in ChinaMade in the PhilippinesMade in the Philippines

The Poke Ball Plus cable has the same model number as the others, despite being much shorter. I was able to confirm the same 56k Ohm resistor in it as the other cables. The resistor prevents an overdraw issue between USB-C devices and USB-A power sources. As such, the Poke Ball Plus cable would work for charging the Switch with a USB-A power bank. As do the cables from the other controllers. Shorter cables are more efficient, but not so much that you should replace what you have already.

Poke Ball Plus Charge Rate

The Poke Ball Plus itself has a limited charge rate. It remains the same, regardless of the power source.

  • Switch Dock, USB-A: 5V/0.1A
  • Switch AC Adapter, USB-C: 5V/0.1A
  • Antec Quad Port USB Charging Station, USB-A: 5V/0.1A
  • ZMI PowerPlug Turbo, USB-C: 5V/0.1A
  • Anker PowerCore+ Mini, USB-A: 5V/0.1A
  • Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition, USB-C: 5V/0.1A

The 0.5W charge rate means that means any USB charger you have will work as well as any other option. And you could charge both the Poke Ball Plus and Switch with a multi-port power bank on the go. With such a low draw it wouldn’t hinder the charge rate of the Switch itself.

Icon and Status on the Switch

Poke Ball Plus icon, under controller settings.You can check the connection status and current charge of the Poke Ball Plus on the Switch. The process is the same as with other controllers. But it has a less intuitive icon.

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Select Controllers at the bottom.
  3. The Poke Ball Plus appears as a black, sideways Joy-Con.
Comparing Nintendo Switch Controllers
Poke Ball PlusJoy-ConsPro Controller
Duration20 hours20 hours40 hours
Charge Time3 hours3.5 hours6 hours
Charge Rate5V/0.1A (0.5W)5V/0.5A (2.5W)5V/0.5A (2.5W)
Battery220mAh525mAh (each)1300mAh

The general performance of the Poke Ball Plus lines up with the Pro Controller and Joy-Cons. It has the same charge time to playtime ratio. And its smaller battery explains the reduced charge rate.

Hori Poke Ball Plus Charge Stand

The Hori Poke Ball Plus Charge Stand is Nintendo licensed with drop and charge function. It works by connecting a wireless charging adapter to the back of the Poke Ball Plus. The wireless adapter then provides power when placed in the charge stand. The stand has a USB-A cable that you can plug into the Switch dock or other USB-A power source. Cheap wireless chargers for phones output 5W or more, so I expect Hori is matching the 0.5W charge of direct USB-C. This is much more convenient to prying open the USB-C port and plugging in a cable. This is much more convenient to prying open the USB-C port and plugging in a cable. Provided you are comfortable using it with the wireless adapter attached.