Nintendo Switch AC Adapter Review

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter Review
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter - A decent behind-the-TV fast charger for your Nintendo Switch.


The official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter works great for the Switch. But it often doesn’t work well for other devices you may want to charge while traveling. It also has a poor form factor, as a large brick that covers up other power outlets and a built-in USB-C cable, giving it an extra point of failure. It works well behind your TV, connected to the Switch dock. But unless you insist on only having Nintendo-licensed accessories, you want a better option for travel.

Port 1: 39W USB-C PD 2.0 (5V/1.5A, 15V/2.6A)

Built-in 5-foot USB-C cable

Dimensions: 2.6 x 2 x 1.4 in | 6.1 oz

Model: HAC-002

Price: $28.99

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Portability


  • The only USB-C charger licensed by Nintendo for use with the Switch
  • Charges Nintendo Switch in both handheld and docked modes
  • Fast charges all model iPads and tablets
  • Charges a Steam Deck, but can prompt the slow charger warning
  • Can support most 13-inch or smaller laptops, but incompatibilities are possible
  • Works worldwide with 100-240V power input (may need a plug adapter)


  • Can’t charge an iPhone 14 or older with its built-in USB-C cable
  • Only offers a trickle charge to Android phones
  • Has several violations of USB-C specifications

Updated: April 28, 2023

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Nintendo Switch AC Adapter printed specs

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter printed specs

My Impressions of the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

The Nintendo Switch AC Adapter comes with every model of the Nintendo Switch. It was designed to charge the Switch in handheld and docked mode and can directly charge official Switch controllers. It does those jobs well and offers the best sense of device safety as a Nintendo-designed and licensed charger.

Unfortunately, that design is also inflexible, not forward-thinking, and ignores all non-Nintendo USB-C devices. Knowing which other devices it might charge involves trial and error testing. Whereas any other USB-C charger can figure out by looking at its power output specifications. It has two violations of USB-C specifications in its power profile. First, the 5V should support up to 3A current. Instead, it only supports up to 1.5A. That works for the Pro Controller, but it isn’t enough to charge a USB-C phone even at a “normal” rate. Second, it skips the 9V profile that should be in place between 5V and 15V. Smaller devices that don’t support 15V won’t charge at all, and 9V is needed to achieve fast charging with most phones.

I keep the Nintendo Switch AC Adapter behind my TV and am always connected to the Switch’s dock. That is the job it was made for and it does it well. But between the large brick design, the built-in USB-C cable, and the lack of a proper power profile, I would never travel with it nor rely on it to charge any other devices.

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Buy Nintendo Switch AC Adapter if you:

  • Need to replace your Switch’s dock charger and prefer official Nintendo accessories to third-party options

Don’t buy if you:

  • Need a travel-friendly charger for your Nintendo Switch
  • Want one charger capable of supporting the Switch and other devices
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
  • Plug in the AC adapter and power your Nintendo Switch system from any 120-volt outlet. The AC adapter also allows you to recharge the battery, even while you play.