Nintendo Switch Carrying Case for Dock and Accessories

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Organizer

I couldn’t find a Nintendo Switch carrying case for the console and dock that fit my needs. Most had space for the console, dock, basics, and a Pro Controller. That’s great for solo play away from home. But when I travel with the Switch and dock it is for multi-player use. I bring grips, both the paired grip from Nintendo and third party single Joy-Con grips. None of the “hard case” options worked and the backpack/messenger bag were overkill. And I didn’t want a Nintendo Switch logo on the outside for security reasons.

Using a Travel Organizer Instead

I came up with my own Nintendo Switch carrying case using a general electronics organizer. BAGSMART’s Double Layer Travel Organizer.

It divides into an upper and lower section, each with different organization options. In the upper section I put my spare Joy-Cons and the cables. The lower section comes with velcro dividers you setup as needed. I setup a space for the dock, a Pro Controller or Joy-Con grip, and the AC adapter with another Joy-Con grip. Between the two sections is a pocket designed for a tablet. I put my four, single Joy-Con grips in there.

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Organizer

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Organizer, top section.

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Organizer

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Organizer, bottom section.

For the Switch console itself I use my regular Switch carrying case. It holds the console with Joy-Cons, games, and travel power bank. That does mean carrying two cases, but it hasn’t been a problem. When flying I can keep my Switch with me and put the bigger items in my luggage. When driving I can carry both in one hand. Or put them both in a backpack.

The organizer isn’t as well protected as a hard nylon case. But it also isn’t carrying the Switch console itself, which is the most fragile (and expensive) piece. When flying I pack it among my clothes for extra protection. Otherwise it is either in my hand or backpack and don’t get tossed around.

This isn’t the best carrying solution for everyone. The Switch’s inherent flexibility means different needs for different players. This is good for bringing the Switch to play 4 player games with adults who appreciate the larger grips.