Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro Review

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro Review
Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro - The best two-port fast charger for your phones.


The Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro is one of the smallest and lightest two-port chargers thanks to its inclusion of GaN technology. With two phones connected, each can fast-charge up to 20W. Additionally, with only one port, you can fast-charge any model iPad.

Port 1 or 2 Solo: 30W USB-C PD 3.0 (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.52A)

Port 1 & 2 Together: 20W USB-C PD 3.0 (5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A)

Dimensions: 1.91 x 1.86 x 1.09 in | 2.6 oz

Model: PE2013UJ

Price: Price not available

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Portability


  • The best two-port fast charger for iPhones and many Androids
  • Fast charges two iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola phones at the same time
  • Charges Nintendo Switch while you play in handheld mode
  • Fast charges iPad and tablets, and smaller laptops which came with a 30W power adapter, but not with both ports in use
  • Uses GaN technology to be as small as many default phone chargers, while offering two USB-C ports
  • Works worldwide with 100-240V power input (may need a plug adapter)


  • Can buy two single-port USB-C 20W chargers for the same price
  • Doesn’t support Samsung Super Fast Charging
  • Won’t support mid to large-size laptops or Steam Deck

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Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro specs print

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro specs print

My Impressions of the Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro

The Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro is a solid and flexible small charger for fast charging several small and medium devices while only needing to keep the Spigen charger handy. It smartly switches from 30W power output to 20W output when it detects two devices connected. In single mode, it’ll fast charge an iPhone and Android, as well as any model iPad and small laptop. Either USB-C port will support up to 30W power output. When both USB-C ports are in use, either will give the same power output. It provides the same fast charging capacity as any 20W single USB-C port charger, more than enough to recharge any two phones or a phone and handheld Nintendo Switch in a few hours while away from home.

With two USB-C ports, this isn’t the smallest or lightest fast charger option. But by leveraging GaN technology, Spigen keeps the size close to many single port competitors. The ability to go from 30W single to two 20W dual comes with a higher price tag for the charger. If you do not need 30W charging, another dual USB-C port charger is likely a better value. The 30W output isn’t enough to support a Steam Deck or many 13-inch and larger laptops. It didn’t get a perfect safety rating above because it is not USB-IF certified, which is common among still good USB-C chargers.

I would look at using this dual USB-C charger if you need to keep several devices charged at home, in the office, or while traveling. Provided all those devices are satisfied with 30W or less charging rates. I would also recommend it when traveling with a friend or partner, as packing and keeping up with only one charger is easier.

Compare this charger with the best fast chargers for your iPhone or Android.

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro charging an iPhone

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro charging an iPhone

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro charging a Nintendo Switch

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro charging a Nintendo Switch

Buy the Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro if you:

  • Need a charger that’ll fast charge two phones together
  • Want the smallest dual charger available, even at a higher price
  • Travel with two phones and an iPad and want a single charger solution

Don’t buy if you:

  • Need support for Samsung Super Fast Charging or PPS
  • Want the cheapest charger for fast charging two phones only
Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro
  • Dual USB C PD Charging Port: Up to 30 Watt Power Delivery Output with single USB C port loaded / Total 40 Watt Max(20 Watt for each port) when both ports are in use
  • The fastest charging speed for iPhoone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Plus / iPhone 15 / iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Plus/ iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max / 13 / 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max / 13 Mini / 12 /12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 Mini / Wireless Charger / iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / X / XS / XR / XS Max / SE 2020 / 8 / 8 Plus / AirPods Max / AirPods Pro 2nd gen
  • Extended Compatibility: From mobile phones to laptop, 30W Output is compatible with Macbook Air / iPad Air / iPad Pro / Pixel Fold / 7a / 7 / 6 Pro / Pixel 6 and more USB-C devices.
  • High-End Tech: Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, unlike Silicon Chipset, Navitas Gallium Nitride (GaN) Chipset allows the ArcStation to be smaller than the genuine charger. Also, allows the charger to operate with higher efficiency and generate less heat than genuine charger.
  • Reducing damage to your devices: Unlike other fast charging products, with GaN(Gallium Nitride) Chip embedded and IntelligentSafety Technology, it ensures the safety of our users and their devices by managing 15 points safety standard and reducing heat dissipation.