Amazon Basics 65W GaN Review

Amazon Basics 65W GaN Review
Amazon Basics 65W GaN

Amazon Basics 65W GaN

Amazon Basics 65W GaN - The best, lowest-cost fast charger for your Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and up to 14-inch laptops.


The Amazon Basics 65W GaN looks like a clone of the Nekteck 65W GaN II at a lower price. But it doesn’t offer as many features. Both chargers will support Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and similar laptops. But this cheaper option doesn’t have PPS or a free USB-C cable. Want the less expensive charger and already have a USB-C cable? Then this could be a good buy. But many others will get better value going with a different charger.

Port 1: 65W USB-C PD 3.0 (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A)

Dimensions: 2.1 x 2 x 1.1 in | 3.4 oz

Model: B087MFLLCR

Price: $19.69

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Portability


  • A consistently low-cost GaN USB-C charger
  • Fast charges iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola phones
  • Charges Nintendo Switch in both handheld and docked modes
  • Fast charges all model iPads and tablets
  • Will support most 14-inch or smaller laptops and the Steam Deck
  • Works worldwide with 100-240V power input (may need a plug adapter)


  • Not the best value if you also need to buy a USB-C cable
  • Won’t support Samsung Super Fast Charging or PPS

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Amazon Basics 65W GaN printed specs

Amazon Basics 65W GaN printed specs

My Impressions of the Amazon Basics 65W GaN

The Amazon Basics 65W GaN charger looks exactly like the Nekteck 65W GaN II except for the brand markings. But they have made compromises to their clone to save on cost. The Amazon charger does feature GaN technology for size/weight reduction and has the same 65W output. Both chargers have identical dimensions and are travel-friendly, though the Amazon model is 0.1 ounces heavier for some reason.

Amazon gave up including a USB-C cable and support for PPS charging (a downside for newer Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel owners) for a lower price. During my evaluation time, the Amazon charger was usually $5 less than the Nekteck or ZMI. But I did see sales and coupons for the Nekteck that put it at a similar or even better price. So Amazon’s one advantage of having a lower price isn’t always the case. If you also need a USB-C cable then the total cost never works out in your favor with the Amazon Basics option. It didn’t get a perfect safety rating above because it is not USB-IF certified, which is common among still good USB-C chargers.

The Amazon Basics 65W GaN could work out as the best value charger for the right person. If you use iPhone or a non-PPS Android, already have a spare USB-C cable, and don’t see other chargers on sale, then it can be the better deal. It performed as well as the rest in testing and has no drawbacks for fast charging. It just doesn’t offer much to stand out against strong competitors.

Compare this charger with the best fast chargers for your iPhone, Android, or Nintendo Switch.

Buy Amazon Basics 65W GaN if you:

  • Need to charge a docked Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or 13 to 14-inch laptop
  • Already have a USB-C cable to use

Don’t buy if you:

  • Also need to get a USB-C cable, which makes the total cost more than its peers
  • Want Samsung Super Fast Charging or PPS support for your Samsung/Android phone
Amazon Basics 65W GaN
  • Fast charging: 65-watt USB Power Delivery PD 3.0 for high-speed charging of compatible devices, like iPhone, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and more
  • GaN technology: GaN components waste less power and produce less heat (compared to silicon), which results in a more efficient charge
  • Compact size: small but powerful thanks to innovative GaN technology; design includes a foldable plug for travel-friendly portability
  • Safety features: integrated over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection to keep connected devices safe
  • PD 3.0 (USB-C Port): 5V ⎓ 3A / 9V ⎓ 3A / 12V ⎓ 3A / 15V ⎓ 3A / 20V ⎓ 3.25A (Up to 65W)