BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case Review

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case
BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case - With a built-in kickstand


The BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case brings a new look and function to Switch carrying cases. It holds everything other case can hold. And it doubles as a tabletop stand when playing away from home.

  • Carrying Capacity
  • Design
  • Portability
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  • Room for Switch with Joy-Cons attached, games, and accessories
  • Accessory pocket zipper has cloth pull tab
  • Game slots are secure, but easy to pull from
  • Middle flap unfolds to act as a kickstand for tabletop play
  • Bottom section has pull tab for Switch


  • Tugging required to get larger items out of accessory pocket
  • Room for only 10 game cartridges

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Model: BM0101110AN001
BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case box and contents

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case box and contents

  • Size: 9.6 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches | 244 x x 104 x 61 mm
  • Weight: 13.7 oz | 388 grams
Included In Box:
  • BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case

First Impression

The BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case offers some color variety without being flamboyant. The case is dark, but not all black like most others. The smooth black section on top help to open the case right side up. And the touch of color by the zippers adds a little something. The red and blue is BAGSMART’s nod to the Switch’s iconic red and blue Joy-Cons. Inside the top and bottom sections are standard. The middle has a folding flap rather than two separate flaps. It offers the same level of padding, but with fewer game slots. In exchange you get an interesting tabletop option.

Accessory Pocket


The top section holds Switch accessories. The pocket size is limited by the dimensions of the Switch. Suitable for travel, not setting up in a friend’s living room. It zips close, using a cloth zipper pull to prevent scratches on the Joy-Cons in the bottom section. The BAGSMART case holds the same volume as most other Switch carrying cases. It handles my usual items, with room to add gum and AirPods when flying. It holds a large Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD power bank and cable. It won’t hold the Switch’s original AC adapter (US version). You can get it inside and closed, but the brick bulges out. I wouldn’t be comfortable closing the case in that state. The Switch’s AC adapter is a tough fit in most Switch carrying cases. And is why I like using a slimmer, third party charger when I travel.

A downside to BAGSMART’s design is the zipper is in the center. This makes pulling out larger accessories, most notable power banks, more difficult. With an off center zipper a large accessory can slip out one side with ease. Then out the other side without resistance. With a centered zipper the initial slip out requires force. I had to pull, using two hands. Nothing ripped, but it didn’t feel great while wrestling with it. Over time and use it may loosen up.

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case with Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case with Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD

Accessories that fit:
  • Joy-Cons
  • Power bank, up to 26,800mAh
  • Travel friendly third party chargers
  • Cables & adapters
  • Earbuds
Accessories that do not fit:
Bulge from Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Bulge from Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

When traveling I usually carry these items in my Switch case:

This case holds all of it with room to spare.

Games Tab


The middle has a padded tab with several functions. The first thing you notice is 10 game slots. I like these slots. They are easier to get the cartridges in and out of. But the slots are still secure. And as the flap folds around them I have no concerns about anything slipping out. The cartridge labels get covered, so you can’t see which game is which. Keep that in mind when organizing. The red tops makes a pretty highlight against the black background.

Other cases tend to use two tabs, one on top of the other. Each holding 10 games, for double the capacity of the BAGSMART case. The BAGSMART design folds a larger tab in half, holding it in place with an elastic band. This provides the same total padding between the accessories pocket and Switch itself. And it pads the games, for what that’s worth. But the main reason is to create a kickstand to play the Switch in tabletop mode.

Remove the Switch from the bottom section. Then unfold the middle flap and fold it backwards. You can rest the end inside the bottom section of the case. The Switch then rests where the game slots are, with the bottom nestled in the case’s spine. It is quite secure, with or without the Joy-Cons attached. I was also able to charge the Switch while in this position. I had to move the Switch forward a bit to access the USB-C port. But it stayed up and stable. On a long flight you could set this up on the tray table. And with a power bank attached you could play for hours without doing anything. Or use USB-C connecting headphones.


Switch Section


The bottom section holds a Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons attached. The sides have contours to fit the Joy-Cons, reducing shifting. The Switch is held down by the folder games tab, and a velcro strap connects to the tab to hold it in place. The same velcro strap works as a pull tab for the Switch. The velcro tends to catch on the tab, so you’ll want to be sure it is loose and in place along the bottom of the case. Without the strap in place the Switch is difficult to get out. It is a snug fit, and sits half an inch below the top edge. The only way I saw to remove it without the strap was by pulling on the D-pads. Not a good idea if you want them to stay aligned.

The tab folds down to cover the screen, but not the Joy-Cons. This keeps pressure off of the buttons and D-pads. With the added depth the accessory pocket also doesn’t touch the Joy-Cons. And you have the now folded into two games tab to protect the screen from heavy accessories.

A soft felt lines the bottom section and outward sides of the game tab. It stayed clean during my testing and examination. Despite a cat rubbing against it. I then rubbed the lined side of the tab against my cat, but only came away with a couple of hairs.



While the interior is all black the exterior adds some color. The gray is attractive and keeps the case dark. But you could spot it among a bunch of black models. The red and blue strips add a pop of color, without losing the more conservative look. The colors are based on the iconic Nintendo Switch with red and blue Joy-Cons. As a gray Joy-Con owner I would like to see a gray option.

The top of the case has a smooth, black rubbery section. This helps distinguish the top, so you can open it right side up. The BAGSMART logo is smartly placed. There’s no other labeling to give away what is inside the case. Though any other Switch owner will know what it is based on its shape.

The zipper is translucent, to better show the color strips. At first glance it can appear that the red has bled onto a white zipper. The blue part has the more desirable effect. The pull tabs are rubber with grips on the end. They hold well. The zipper itself is smooth on the straight aways, but lags on the corners. Just enough so it isn’t one, smooth motion to open or close the case. It may loosen up over time and with use. It isn’t a heavy duty zipper, but then it isn’t a heavy duty case.

Along the back is a nylon strap for a handle. It is more comfortable than it sounds. And is secured along the spine of the case. It isn’t padded, so I wouldn’t want to walk around carrying it for an hour. But it is fine for short distances. And you should toss it in a bag if traveling anyway.


The BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case handles the usual items when traveling. The Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons, game cartridges, and small to mid sized accessories.

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case top/front

BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case top/front

A unique color approach to the exterior helps it to stand out. But not too much. While I might prefer gray striping I appreciate it is in honor of the Switch’s default Joy-Con colors. The top is easy to identify. The handle works for short distances. Otherwise put the case into a better carry bag when traveling.

The Switch itself is held in place and well protected. Just be sure the pull strap is in place first, or the snug fit will work against you. The upper accessory pocket holds the usual amount of stuff. Keep in mind this case is not designed for taking a docked Switch to someone else’s home. It is for playing the Switch in handheld or tabletop mode during your commute or travels.

You’ll be limited to ten physical games, plus one in the Switch itself. While many Switch owners have more than ten games, hopefully you’ve finished a few. If not you’ll need to pick and choose which to keep with you at all times.

In exchange for holding fewer games we get the folding game tab which doubles as a kickstand for the Switch. That’s the stand out feature of this case. And it is flexible enough to allow charging. Or to connect an accessory to the USB-C port.


BAGSMART has U.S. based support (web, email, Skype). They specialize in travel bags and organizers. Including a large assortment of electronics organizers.

Bottom Line

The BAGSMART Nintendo Switch Case is good as a standard Switch carrying case. Its kickstand feature is what makes it stand out from the crowd. If you like tabletop mode, and are okay limiting yourself to 11 game cartridges, this is the case for you.

Buy if you:
  • Need a carrying case and tabletop stand
  • Have less than 12 physical games
Don’t buy if you:
  • Want an all black case
  • Want a thinner case that can carry fewer accessories
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