Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has released their Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch. It allows one to play the Switch in tabletop mode and charge it at the same time. In most cases that can’t be done using the Switch’s built in kickstand, as the USB-C port is on the bottom.

There is no HDMI port so this doesn’t replace the Nintendo Switch dock.

Charger Options

As your Nintendo Switch AC adapter will likely stay connected to the dock you may want to consider getting a second USB-C charger to work with the Adjustable Charging Stand.

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter | Review

  • Licensed by Nintendo for use with the Switch
  • Pull it from your dock, or buy a second one
  • Has a built-in 5 foot/1.5 meter USB-C cable

Google 18W USB-C Power Adapter

  • Great for Pixel smartphones
  • Google hardware is known for their excellent build quality
  • Limited to just 9V/2A output, check your other devices before buying
  • Includes a detachable 3.3 foot/1 meter USB-C cable

ZMi PowerPlug Turbo | Review

  • Great all-in-one USB-C charger,will handle any USB-C devices you own
  • Travel friendly
  • Includes a detachable 5 foot/1.5 meter USB-C cable

Or check out my Charging Buying Guide and fine a charger that’ll work best for your needs.