Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Review

Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch.
Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch.

Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch


The Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch is a felt covered case. Giving it a unique feel and look. Inside it is much like other cases. But with a zipper-less accessory pocket. And a deeper bottom.

  • Carrying Capacity
  • Design
  • Portability
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  • Room for Switch with Joy-Cons attached, games, and accessories
  • Accessory pocket closes without a zipper
  • Holds up to 20 game cartridges
  • Switch compartment is deeper than other cases
  • EVA case is covered in felt, offering additional protection and a unique look
  • Interior is lined with flannelette (soft fluff)


  • Exterior zippers are sticky
  • Not my favorite coloring

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Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch and its contents.

Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch and its contents

  • Size: 9.8 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches | 249 x 109 x 66 mm
  • Weight: 11.2 oz | 318 grams
Included In Box:
  • Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch
  • Carrying strap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

First Impression

The Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch is an interesting late entry into the market. They used the same materials found in their felt covered laptop cases. The case is an EVA shell (like most Switch cases), but felt is compressed on top. The felt offers additional protection and a unique look and feel. The interior is lined with flannelette or soft fluff to protect Switch (and is nice to touch). To keep an upper pocket zipper from scratching the Joy-Cons they went with a fold over netting. The rest of the design is what you would find in most Switch carrying cases.

Accessory Pocket


The top section is for accessories. It closes with an overlapping net, so smaller items won’t fall out. It held when I tried to dump out my small power bank and cables. The lack of a zipper keeps a dangling metal zipper pull from scratching up the Joy-Cons. Most other cases use a tiny metal pull or cloth pull. A benefit of Inateck’s approach is you can reach into either side of the pocket. I can pull my power bank out on the right. Or grab my earbuds on the left. With less risk of everything spilling out.

The pocket is suitable for travel, not setting up in a friend’s living room. It is limited by the dimensions of the Switch itself. I was able to put my largest power bank inside, an Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD. It was secure and the case closed.

Accessories that fit:
  • Joy-Cons
  • Power bank, up to 26,800mAh
  • Travel friendly third party chargers
  • Cables & adapters
  • Earbuds
Accessories that do not fit:
When traveling I usually carry these items in my Switch case:

This case holds all of it with room to spare.

Games Tabs


In the middle are two panels with 10 elastic pockets for Switch game cartridges. With a game loaded in the Switch you could carry up to 21 games. The pockets are a tight fit. This keeps things secure, but some effort to remove. They also cover the cartridges up to the Nintendo Switch logo at the top. You won’t be able to see which game is which. Keep that in mind when organizing.

Switch Section


The bottom section holds a Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons attached. The sides are shaped for the Joy-Con contours, so there’s no shifting. An elastic strap holds the Switch in place. A pull tab rests under the Switch, making it easy to pull out. The section is deeper than other cases I’ve seen. That gives more room between the D-pads and upper section. The game pads come down over the screen. They are lined on the back line the rest of the case.


The Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch does what you need when traveling. It keeps the Switch safe and secure. You can bring your physical game collection. And there’s room for travel accessories, from extra Joy-Cons to a power bank.

Inateck Carrying Case exterior.

Inateck Carrying Case exterior.

The exterior’s appearance wouldn’t be my first choice. It is nice to get away from standard black, but I prefer solid colors. That said at a Switch party you would have no problems picking out this case from the rest. While the exterior isn’t my favorite the interior lining is. The flannelette/soft fluff is pleasant to touch. It is throughout the interior, including the accessory pocket and back of the game panels. If it was also on the underside of the strap that secures the Switch it would be perfect.

The exterior zippers stick around the corners. They have large pull tabs, which help. But I can see it being annoying for anyone who is opening and closing the case a lot. It may from the stiffness of the case due to its padding. A price for protection. Hopefully they’ll smooth out more with time and use.

The included microfiber cloth is nice. You can keep it under the Switch or in the accessory pocket for quick screen cleaning. The detachable carry strap will be nice for some. With an attached handle you have a more comfortable grip, but it protrudes. The strap can be removed, making the case is easier to get into a stuffed bag. Attached you can hang the case from your wrist, or attach it to something else. It won’t slip off the case. The lever takes effort as there is overlap between the two ends that close together.

About Inateck

Inateck has U.S. based support (web, email, phone) and a 12 month warranty. They have been providing PC peripherals for IT professionals and consumers for years.

Bottom Line

The Inateck Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch is a good alternative to the black EVA exterior of most Switch carrying cases. It does everything you expect from such a case and has a couple of clever innovations on how it goes about doing so.

Buy if you:
  • Want a carrying case that stands out a bit
  • Have up to 21 physical games
Don’t buy if you:
  • Want an all black case
  • Don’t like things that are fluffy
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