BlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000 – Small Power Bank & Cable

BlitzWolf BW-PF2 with Nintendo Switch.
BlitzWolf BW-PF2 with Nintendo Switch.

BlitzWolf BW-PF2 with Nintendo Switch.

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The BlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000 is a regular USB-C power bank. But its aluminum enclosure and included USB-C cable at a typical 10,000mAh price point make it a good value.

BlitzWolf BW-PF2PowerStorm 10000

BlitzWolf BW-PF2 box and contents.

BlitzWolf BW-PF2 box and contents.

Tech Specs:

  • Ports: USB-C x1, USB-A x1
  • USB-C Output: 5V/3A
  • USB-A Output: 5V/2.4A
  • USB-C Input: 5V/3A, 9V/2A*
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh | 37Wh
  • Size: 4.2 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches | 107 x 59 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 7.9 oz | 225 grams

Switch Chargers Ratings:

Included In Box:

  • BlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000
  • USB-C to USB-C cable, 11.8 inch | 30 cm
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
BlitzWolf BW-PF2 in a Switch carrying case.

BlitzWolf BW-PF2 in a Switch carrying case.

  • Charges Switch while you play
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Supports Quick Charge
  • Charge Switch and phone at same time
  • Includes USB-C cable
  • Fits in most Switch carrying cases
  • Slower charge than USB-C PD power banks
  • Can’t be recharged by Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
  • Only available from
Compared With Similar Chargers
ChargerBlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000Anker PowerCore 10000

AUKEY PB-Y13 10000 USB-C

Switch Speed RatingGoodGood EnoughGood+
Switch Safety RatingSafeNintendo SuggestedSafe
FeaturesQuick Charge 3.0Pass Through Charging
Quick Charge 3.0
Requires a 9V/2A charger to recharge quickly
USB-C CableIncludedNoneNone
Also Good ForPhone, TabletPhone, TabletPhone, Tablet
4.2 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches
7.9 oz
3.6 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches
6.3 oz
5.8 x 2.9 x 0.4 inches
6.9 oz
Top to bottom: Anker PowerCore 10000, BlitzWolf BW-PF2, AUKEY PB-Y13.

Top to bottom: Anker PowerCore 10000, BlitzWolf BW-PF2, AUKEY PB-Y13.

Good For
  • Total of 7+ hours playtime
  • Charging while you play
  • Commute
  • Road trips
  • Flights
  • iPhone and Android phones
  • iPad and tablets
  • Quick Charge enabled devices

Times based on 3 hours per full Switch charge, and assumes both Switch and power bank are at 100%.

First Impression

The BlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000 has an aluminium casing. While not unusual, it isn’t common on 10,000mAh USB-C power banks I’ve examined. Such casings are great at dealing with heat from charging. Its design is a basic rectangle. It increases its height for a slimmer profile. That trade off should work in more packing cases than not.

Power Meter Readings
Power Meter Readings - Asleep

Power Meter Readings – Asleep

Power Meter Readings - Idle

Power Meter Readings – Idle

Power Meter Readings - Game Playing

Power Meter Readings – Game Playing

Power Meter Readings - iPhone

Power Meter Readings – iPhone

 9V Input Isn’t Over USB-C

The power bank’s specs list input via the USB-C port as 5V/3A and 9V/2A. The 5V/3A is normal for USB-C and checked out in my testing. The faster 9V/2A has a catch not listed in BlitzWolf’s documentation. It is only achieved using a USB-A charger that supports Quick Charge, not a USB-C charger that supports 9V/2A.

I tried five difference USB-C PD wall chargers that supported 9V/2A or 9V/3A. As well as three different USB-C cables. The power bank always charged at the 5V/3A level. Then I remembered the USB-C to USB-A adapter attached to the included USB-C to USB-C cable. I dug out a Quick Charge 3.0 supporting wall charger and plugged it in. Then I saw 9V come up on my power meter.

If you have a Quick Charge port available it’ll charge the BlitzWolf BW-PF2 faster than a USB-C port. But if you don’t own a Quick Charge enabled charger don’t worry about it. The difference is only 3W, and with a 10,000mAh power bank it won’t be a significant difference in charge times.


BlitzWolf only sells their power banks through Banggood is a Chinese e-commerce retailer that focuses on gadgets and electronics. They ship worldwide, with warehouses in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Banggood does receive significant traffic from the USA. But they are better known in other countries. Shipping to the USA is free for orders of $50 or more. But takes 7-20 business days if not in a regional warehouse. Closer countries usually see faster shipping.

Banggood’s reps are aware of how Chinese retailers are viewed. And they are realistic about the challenges they all face. They have recommended using PayPal over credit card for the added security and want customers to understand the longer ship times before they order.


The BlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000 is a nice, small power bank. It offers regular USB-C output and Quick Charge 3.0 on its USB-A port. Unlike most power banks in its range it did include a USB-C cable. The cable is short and flat, so it folds up nice. It also has a USB-C to USB-A adapter attached. The adapter is best used to recharge the power bank with a USB-A charger.

Speaking of USB-A chargers, a Quick Charge 3.0 charger will recharge it faster than USB-C. This is due to it supporting 9V/2A (18W) input, but only from a Quick Charge source. Most USB-C chargers will provide 5V/3A (15W), which works almost as fast. Given the 10,000mAh capacity even a regular USB-A charger can work, but takes more time. Unfortunately the Switch’s AC adapter won’t work, due to its own limitations.

The aluminum enclosure and lower, regular USB-C output kept the power bank cool. After an hour of running Zelda he exterior measured at 81F. It was room temperature to the touch, and was cool before the test. You could keep the power bank in a bag while it charges and not have a problem. The same does not apply to the Switch, never charge it inside a case.

The power bank has the usual 4 LED (blue in this case) indicator to show how much charge it has remaining. Unlike its big brotherthe indicator was accurate throughout my testing. But you can’t see it without plugging in a device. There’s no button on the power bank, which is usually for turning on the LEDs. They only come on when you connect a device. Then they remain on so long as it is charging.
BlitzWolf offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 18 month warranty. They have support available via email or an international number.

Bottom Line

The BlitzWolf BW-PF2 PowerStorm 10000 is a fine, low cost power bank for most player’s needs. Its lack of Amazon availability can be annoying to USA buyers. But many others will appreciate having a small power bank with cable that ships to their country.

Available at

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