J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 Review

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 with Nintendo Switch
J-Go Tech XCORESION 15-45 with Nintendo Switch

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 with Nintendo Switch

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 – The smallest 45W USB-C PD power bank


The J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 was designed based on feedback from Switch Chargers readers. It offers high USB-C PD output. In a smaller and lighter package. But with that comes some compromise.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Recharge Time
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  • Fast charges iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola phones
  • Charges Switch in both handheld and TV mode
  • Can be recharged by Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
  • Fits in most Switch carrying cases
  • Charges a 12 to 14 inch laptop
  • Smallest 45W USB-C PD power bank on the market
  • Supports pass through charging
  • Includes a USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Includes a USB-C to USB-A cable for Quick Charge devices
  • Charge three devices at once, but at reduced rates
  • Within FAA limits for lithium batteries and flights


  • Sacrifices capacity for smaller size/weight
  • Can’t use USB-C PD and Quick Charge at the same time
  • USB-C PD can drop to 30W with sufficient load on USB-A ports

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Model: XCOREsion 15-45
J-Go Tech XCORESION 15-45 specs

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 specs

Tech Specs:
  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A x2
  • USB-C Output:
    • 45W USB-C Power Delivery 2.0 (5V/2.4A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A)
  • USB-A (Orange Port) Output:
    • 18W Quick Charge 3.0 (5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A)
    • Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging
    • Huawei FCP
    • Apple 2.4A
  • USB-A Output:
    • 12W USB (5V/2.4A)
    • Apple 2.4A
  • Input: 45W USB-C PD (5V/2.4A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A)
  • Capacity: 15,000mAh | 55.5Wh
  • Size: 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches | 148 x 72 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 12.4 oz | 354 grams

Learn more about Fast Charging.

J-Go Tech XCORESION 15-45 box and contents (standard offer)

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 box and contents (standard offer)

Included In Box:
  • J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45
  • USB-C to USB-C 2.0 cable, 6.6 feet/2 meters
  • USB-C to USB-A cable, 15 inches (56k Ohm resistor)
  • Pouch
Good For:
  • Commute
  • Travel
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad Pro
  • Nintendo Switch (handheld & docked)
  • 12-inch laptop
  • 13-inch/14-inch laptop
Estimated Charges:
  • iPhone 6/7/8: 5.4 charges
  • iPhone Plus/X/XS: 3.5 charges
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S9: 3.3 charges
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: 3 charges
  • Nintendo Switch: 6+ hours of play

First Impression

The J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 is exactly what J-Go Tech says it is. The smallest 45W USB-C PD power bank available. When they sent me the specs I compared it to my own chart of similar portable chargers. Then once I had my hands on it I compared it to other 45W USB-C PD power banks in my collection. It is 20% smaller (by volume) and 13% lighter than what was my smallest 45W power bank.

Externally there are no compromises. The enclosure is solid and feels high grade. The three ports are together. There are LED indicators and a power/reset button. All standard. The specs are printed in solid while against a black background. That probably doesn’t mean much for you, but as someone who looks at those specs a lot I appreciate an easy read.


Compared To Similar Power Banks

ChargerJ-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

RAVPower 45W Super-C 20100ZMI PowerPack 20000

Output45W USB-C PD
Quick Charge 3.0
Quick Charge 3.0
FeaturesPass Through ChargingPass Through ChargingPass Through Charging
CablesUSB-C to USB-C cable
USB-C to USB-A cable
USB-C to USB-C cableUSB-C to USB-C cable
micro-USB cable
USB-C to USB-C cable
micro-USB cable w/USB-C adapter
Dimensions5.8 x 2.8 x 0.8 in
12.4 oz
3.8 x 3.1 x 0.9 in
9.2 oz
6.3 x 3.1 x 0.9 in
14.1 oz
6.3 × 3.2 × 0.8 in
14.3 oz
PriceNo products found.$169.00No products found.Price not available

Prices are from Amazon Product Advertising API, last updated on 2024-07-21.


You can see more USB-C power banks here.

Device Testing

Check with your device’s manufacturer to verify which charging standards it supports.

USB Power Delivery & Quick Charge 4+ Phones

  • Apple iPhone 8/X/XR/XS
  • Essential Phone
  • Google Pixel
  • LG ThinQ series
  • Razer
  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9
  • Xiaomi Mi 8/9
  • ZTE Axon Pro 9/10


Using an iPhone 8 for testing we find USB PD phones will fast charge over the USB-C port. iPhones will need to use a USB-C to Lightning cable, not included. And Android phones will need a USB-C to USB-C cable, which is available in a bundled option.

For older iPhones the USB-A port supports Apple 2.4A. An older, but still functional fast charging standard. Older iPhones (4-7) can fast charge using USB-A. Newer iPhones will charge ~15 minutes faster using USB-C.

Quick Charge 3.0 Phones

  • HTC
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi Mi 5/6
  • ZTE


Using a Moto G6 for testing we see Quick Charge will fast charge over the orange USB-A port. Any QC supporting Android phone with USB-C can use a USB-C to USB-A cable, available in a bundled option.

The other USB-A port doesn’t support fast charging. And the USB-C port will provide a normal charge rate for any USB-C phone.

Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch charges at its max rate, up to 18W. It’ll fast charge while you play. Its charge rate while sleeping is also normal. This charger can also power the Switch’s dock.

Learn more about charging the Switch.

USB-C Laptops


Using a 13-inch MacBook Pro for testing we can draw up to 41W from this charger. That’s expected, after accounting for efficiency loss.

Different model laptops have different power demands. But in general a 45W charger can support 12-inch, 13-inch, and 14-inch laptops. It can power a larger laptop in a pinch. It will charge while sleeping. But may only extend runtime if used while the larger laptop is active.

Capacity vs Size Balance

To get the smallest 45W USB-C PD power bank something had to give. And that was capacity. Every other 45W power bank offers 20,000mAh or more capacity. The XCOREsion 15-45 only offers 15,000mAh. That means less uptime for your devices.

15,000mAh vs 20,100mAh

In general it’ll provide 25-33% less power than a 20,100mAh model. In exchange for reduced capacity we get a smaller and lighter form factor. One that is 20-33% smaller (by volume) and 12-18% lighter than the competition.

  • iPhone 8: 5.5 charges vs 7 charges
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: 3 charges vs 4 chargers
  • Nintendo Switch: 6+ hours of play vs 9+ hours of play
J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 vs ZMI PowerPack 20000

The ZMI PowerPack 20000 was the smallest 45W power bank in my collection. Here’s how the two compare:

  • J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45: 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.8 in (13 cubic inches) | 12.4 oz
  • ZMI PowerPack 20000: 6.3 × 3.2 × 0.8 in (16.1 cubic inches) | 14.3 oz

The XCOREsion 15-45 is shorter and has less width. They are the same thickness. The differences are 0.5 inch, but that gets compounded when it comes to total volume. And of course any weight reduction is appreciated.

I’m not aware of another 45W portable charger with smaller volume than the ZMI. RAVPower has the lightest model at 14.1 oz.

Pocket Sized?
J-Go Tech XCORESION 15-45 - Pocket

Source: jgotech.com

J-Go Tech advertises this portable charger will fit in your pocket. And it will, but it isn’t as comfortable as your phone. In men’s jeans it fits in the front or back pocket. There is an obvious bulge, but it isn’t tight and it doesn’t stick out. It feels like you are carrying two phones in one pocket. Personally I would keep it in a bag. It was designed to fit well in a Switch carrying case. It also fits in my laptop sleeve with an accessory pocket. Not to mention a backpack or purse.

Fast Charging Indicator

On the side are four white LEDs used as charge indicators. Like similar portable chargers each one represents 25% charge. So 4 = 75-100% charged, 1 = 0-25% charged. And like other portable chargers they are more estimate than accurate.

J-Go Tech XCORESION 15-45 LEDs

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 LEDs

What’s different with the XCOREsion 15-45 is a green LED next to the white ones. It is a fast charging indicator. If you charge a device using USB-C Power Delivery or Quick Charge it’ll turn on. It you recharge the portable charger itself with USB-C PD it’ll also turn on.

It is useful in determining fast charging compatibility with your devices. Most don’t actual show fast charging from normal charging. Keep in mind fast charging on phones turns off between 50-70%. So don’t expect to see the light if your phones is mostly charged already.

Charging More Than One Device

You can connect to all three USB ports and get power. But the rates on the USB-C and Quick Charge ports may be reduced.

Stress Testing

Individually I got good results on each port:

  • USB-C: 41.4W
  • Quick Charge: 15.4W
  • USB-A: 8.9W

But when I combined ports the results shifted:

  • USB-C dropped from 41.4W to 26.6W when either of the USB-A ports in use.
  • Quick Charge dropped from 15.4W to 7W when USB-C was plugged in. It remained at 15.4W with the other USB-A port plugged in.
  • USB-A port remained constant ~8.9W regardless of the other ports.

Upon further testing I found USB-C PD and Quick Charge will not work side-by-side. If USB-C PD is active then Quick Charge is disabled. Confirmed by my sniffer (reads available power profiles). In re-testing similar portable chargers I found this was typical function. And all but one disabled Quick Charge when USB-C PD was in use. The one that didn’t is 50% larger and 60% heavier!

I could maintain 45W USB-C PD with certain, low power draw devices on either (or both) USB-A ports. I got everything to work nicely using AirPods and a Pro Controller. And my contact at J-Go Tech confirmed they’ve seen 65W total output (45W USB-C, 10W each USB-A port) using load testers. But if larger, more power hungry devices are connected to either USB-A port, then USB-C PD drops to 30W. This includes phones. Again my sniffer confirmed the change in power profiles:

  • USB-C Solo: 45W (5V/2.4A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A)
  • USB-C w/USB-A Connected: 30W (5V/2.4A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A)

This is not typical function from similar, but larger portable chargers. So this is likely a compromise of the smaller size.

What Does This Mean for Me?

In general I would say expect USB-C PD to drop to 30W when either of the USB-A ports is in use, with some exceptions. And you cannot use USB-C PD and Quick Charge together.

A reduction in per-port output is normal in smaller portable chargers. And the XCOREsion 15-45 handles it better than others. A 10,000mAh portable charger with USB-C PD and Quick Charge will drop to 5V support only when both ports are in use. Removing both USB-C PD and Quick Charge. The XCOREsion 15-45 loses Quick Charge. But USB PD only drops in output, not removed completely. Your USB-C device will continue to charge at a respectable rate. While you can also charge other devices via the USB-A ports, if at a slower rate.

Pass Through Charging

Pass through charging allows a portable charger to both charge itself and a connected device. The power received from the wall charger splits. Some to the portable charger’s own batteries. And some to the connected device. How it handles the split varies. And there are more inefficiencies than normal.

This portable charger supports pass through charging under these connections:

  • Input: USB-C, Output: USB-A
  • Either or both USB-A ports will output
  • No Quick Charge output available

Pass through charging is useful when you only have one USB wall charger. But it is not recommended to use this feature on a regular basis. It puts more heat and stress on the portable charger. Which will affect its lifespan. It can also provide an inefficient charge to your device. Again, not great for its own battery’s lifespan.

If you like to have the option when traveling, fine. But don’t set this up next to your bed at home every night.


J-Go Tech offers various bundle options with their power banks. They are worth looking at if you need a USB-C PD wall charger. Or plan to use the power bank with a Microsoft Surface.

Standard – Amazon | J-Go Tech

  • XCOREsion 15-45
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable

Your basic power bank with cables.

With 45W USB-C PD Charger – Amazon | J-Go Tech

  • XCOREsion 15-45
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger

Same as the Standard package, but with a 45W USB-C PD charger included. The charger will fast charge the power bank in ~2 hours. It can also work on any USB-C device the power bank works with.

Microsoft Surface Combo – Amazon | J-Go Tech

  • XCOREsion 15-45
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Surface Connect to USB-C Cable (5.9 feet/1.8 meters)

Similar to the Standard package, but replaces the USB-C to USB-C cable with a Surface Connect to USB-C cable. That cable has USB-C on one end and the power connection used by Surface products on the other. With it you can recharge a Surface Go, Surface Pro 3/4/5/6, Surface Laptop, or Book 1/2 with this power bank.

See J-Go Tech’s page for more details on the Surface Connect to USB-C cable.

Microsoft Surface Travel Combo – J-Go Tech

  • XCOREsion 15-45
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Surface Connect to USB-C Cable (5.9 feet/1.8 meters)
  • 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger

Same as the Microsoft Surface Combo package, but includes a 45W USB-C PD charger. The charger will fast charge the power bank in ~2 hours. And can charge the same Surface devices.


The J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 offers 45W USB-C PD output in a more compact package. Compared to larger options it takes up less space in a Switch carrying case. It also doesn’t bulge out. And is light enough there’s no concern closing the case onto the Nintendo Switch itself.

J-Go Tech XCORESION 15-45

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45

For phones it’ll fast charge most model iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Motorola. As well as other Android phones that support Quick Charge. It can also meet the demands of tablets, on up to the latest iPad Pro.

For the Nintendo Switch it charges in handheld mode as fast as any other option. And can power a docked Switch.

As always there are compromises to keeping output but reducing size. Capacity is the biggest impact. In general the XCOREsion 15-45 will offer 25-33% less charge time than other 45W USB-C PD portable chargers. It also has limited when more than one port is in use. Quick Charge is not available when USB-C PD is in use. And USB-C PD can drop to 30W if there is significant power draw on either of the USB-A ports. Temperature isn’t a concern. I didn’t register more than 100°F (37.7°C) while doing pass through charging. It is safe to handle any type of solid material up to 122°F (50°C). Plastic enclosures, such as this, are safe at even hotter temperatures.

You can get the XCOREsion 15-45 with included USB-C cables. Or get one of several bundle options. Including a package with a 45W USB-C PD wall charger. Or packages that include J-Go Tech’s Surface Connect to USB-C cable. Which allows you to charge many Microsoft Surface products with this power bank.

About J-Go Tech

J-Go Tech is located in southern New Jersey, USA with local 24/7 support (web, email, phone). They offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 24 month warranty.

Bottom Line

The J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 offers great output in the smallest package available. It handles most phones, USB-C laptops, and the Nintendo Switch in all modes. While minimizing space and weight.

Buy if you:
  • Want to reduce size/weight without compromising charge speed
  • Want access to today’s popular fast charging tech and future proof for new devices
  • Only need 9-10 hours total on a Switch
Don’t buy if you:
  • Only need a portable charger for your phone
  • Need all day power for a laptop
  • Want maximum capacity value for your money

It is my new go to portable charger.

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You’ll want a USB-C wall charger to quickly recharge this USB-C power bank. Check out J-Go Tech’s 45W USB-C PD charger. Or for international travelers, their 45W USB-C PD global power adapter.

Be sure to check the Deals page to see if this or a similar charger is on sale.