The Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

ButterFox Compact Switch Lite Case

If you’ve bought a video game console before you know getting only the console is never enough. You also need games and at least a few accessories. The Nintendo Switch Lite is no different. Check out the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories you actually need to get. And a bunch more you may want.

Updated on September 24, 2019, with accessories made available for the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

ButterFox Compact Switch Lite Case

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Accessories You Actually Need

For any model of the Nintendo Switch there are three accessories most everyone needs to get:

  • Screen protector
  • Carrying case
  • microSD card

Screen Protector

The Switch Lite’s screen is its most vulnerable part. You can keep it safe with a cheap screen protector. Once installed you won’t notice it. And you can keep using touch controls.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite

  • amFilm is the most recommended brand
  • Comes in a 3 pack, useful in case the first couple of tries isn’t perfect
  • Includes tools to assist in a clean install

Orzly Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Another well-known brand for mobile phone and gaming protection
  • Comes in 4 pack, so can share with a friend and still have spares
  • Includes tools to assist in a clean install

For best results install in a bathroom with a hot showing running. The steam reduces the dust in the air. So less likely to get any trapped under the glass.

Carrying Case

The Switch Lite is all about on the go. So you’ll want a protective case to carry it around in. Or to safely toss into your backpack.

ButterFox Switch Lite Carrying Case

  • Holds Switch Lite, 19 game cartridges, 2 microSD cards, and an accessory pocket
  • ButterFox is the most recommended brand by the Switch community

Also available with red, blue, green, and pink highlights. Or a large model, with more space in the accessory pocket.

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Holds Switch Lite, 8 game cartridges, and accessory pockets
  • Accessories are divided into an open pocket for larger items, and a zipper pocket for small items
  • Available in black, blue, green, grey, pink, red, yellow, carbon fiber black, or red and white (Pokéball inspired)

Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Tough Pouch By HORI

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo for use with the Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Holds Switch Lite, 10 game cartridges, and an accessory pocket
  • One of the thinner Switch Lite carrying cases

PowerA Protection Case Kit for Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo for use with the Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Holds Switch Lite, 8 game cartridges, a microSD card, and a zippered accessory pocket
  • Also includes a screen protector and Switch logo cleaning cloth

microSD Card

The Switch Lite has 32GB of internal storage. That has to hold any digital games you buy, DLC, game updates, your game saves, and screenshots. That’s not enough for a lot of players. A microSD card allows you to move the larger digital game data to a larger format. Game load times will increase by 2-3 seconds vs internal storage.

  • SanDisk’s Ultra series is usually the best value.
  • The Switch limits how fast it can read a microSD card. So getting a fast, more expensive card doesn’t provide any benefit.
  • When selecting a card compare the cost per GB. Take the price and divide it by how many GB you get. This will tell you which are a better value.
  • You can always upgrade to a larger card later. But you’ll need to re-download your digital games and updates.
SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD Card

  • Great for Switch owners doing a mix of physical and digital games
  • Inexpensive with plenty of storage

SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD Card

  • Good start for Switch owners going all digital
  • Between 200GB and 256GB get whichever has the best cost per GB

SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSD Card

  • Good start for Switch owners going all digital
  • Between 200GB and 256GB get whichever has the best cost per GB

SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSD Card

  • Was the largest microSD card when the original Switch came out, but has since come down in price
  • Not necessary for the vast majority of Switch owners

SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSD Card

  • Among the largest microSD cards currently available
  • The largest models typically have the worst cost per GB
  • Not necessary for the vast majority of Switch owners

Accessories You May Also Want

As with any popular electronic device, there is no shortage of available accessories for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Check out these extra options you may want or hadn’t thought about.

Protective Cover

These are hard plastic covers that wrap around the Switch Lite. Like similar cases for phones, they can help protect the Switch Lite in case of a drop or fall. They aren’t guaranteed protection. But at normal drop heights, they’ll take the brunt of the damage rather than the Switch Lite itself.

Nintendo Switch Lite Screen & System Protector Set by HORI

A Nintendo licensed clear plastic cover and screen protector set for the Switch Lite. The cover includes most of the front, with cutouts for the controls and screen. Most of the Switch Lite is covered and protected. But it'll be heavier and thicker than other options.

SLEO Cover for Nintendo Switch Lite

A clear plastic cover for the rear and corners of the Switch Lite. Leaving the screen and controllers free. A lighter and cheaper option, especially if getting one of the screen protectors listed above.

No products found.

Audio Accessories

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth

If playing in public you'll want headphones. And if you want to chat in online multiplayer you'll want a headset. The SteelSeries Arctis 3 accommodates both. And is one of the more popular, well-reviewed, and affordable gaming headsets on the market.

For listening to game audio only the wired version, available in black or white, works great.

To voice chat in Fortnite, or another non-Nintendo game, the same wired version works.

For voice chat in a Nintendo game, such as Splatoon 2, you have to use the Nintendo Switch Online app. Which runs on your phone, not the Switch. Here you want to get the Bluetooth version. Connect via Bluetooth to your phone. And connect via 3.5mm (also supported on the Bluetooth headset) to your Switch. That will allow you to hear both chat and game audio.

The Switch Lite has a 3.5mm headphone jack. So any headphones or earbuds with the same connection will work for audio.

HomeSpot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Adapter

If you have a pair of Bluetooth earbuds/headphones you love you can use them with the Switch Lite. But you'll need a Bluetooth audio transmitter such as this one. The Switch supports Bluetooth, but no Bluetooth audio.

Plug this adapter into the Switch's USB-C port. Then sync it with your Bluetooth audio gear.

ZIOCOM Bluetooth Adapter Audio Transmitter for Nintendo Switch

Another Bluetooth adapter that connects to the Switch's USB-C port. This model is larger than HomeSpot's. But it includes a pass-through USB-C port. This means you can plug in both this adapter than a charger. Or other USB-C accessories.

Portable Chargers

To charge your Switch Lite while on a plane or otherwise away from a power outlet you’ll need a portable charger (aka power bank). The right one can keep up with your gameplay. And it doesn’t take a big, expensive model to double your playtime.

No products found.

Requires a USB-C to USB-C cable, sold separately.

Review of the AUKEY PB-Y13 10000 USB-C PD

Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

  • 13,400mAh, 22.5W USB-C PD power bank
  • Licensed by Nintendo for use with the Switch
  • Will charge Switch Lite while you play at max rate
  • Provides 5.5+ hours of playtime for the regular Switch, should do the same or better with the Switch Lite
  • Includes a USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Fast charges iPhone 8/X/XR/XS, Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer, Google Pixel; regular charges other phones

Review of the Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

Check out my power bank buying guide for the Nintendo Switch for more options.

Extra Wall Charger

The Switch Lite includes a Nintendo Switch AC Adapter. But it isn’t a travel-friendly design. And it won’t work well with most of your other small devices. Depending on your play and travel habits you may want one or more charges. And a third-party option can give you more options for a lower price.

No products found.

Review of Anker PowerPort PD 1

Requires a USB-C to USB-C cable, sold separately.

No products found.

Review of the ZMI PowerPlug Turbo

Check out my charger buying guide for the Nintendo Switch for more options.

Car Charger

If you only need a car charger on occasion. And your road trips are 8 hours or less. Then consider getting a power bank instead. Those work in the car, plus on planes, camping, everywhere. But if you need to charge a Switch Lite in the car often you can get a car charger, which you don’t have to worry about recharging.

PowerA Car Charger, Mario Question Block

  • 15W USB-C
  • Licensed by Nintendo for use with the Switch
  • Will charge Switch Lite while you play
  • Built-in USB-C cable
  • Can also charge any USB-C phone, but only charges one device at a time

No products found.


Pro Controller

You can use the Pro Controller and other controllers with the Switch Lite. But since the Lite doesn't dock or have a kickstand you'll have to use a stand. For extended play in one spot, the Pro Controller will be more comfortable. And many FPS players prefer it to the Joy-Cons.


Yes, you can use an extra set of Joy-Cons with the Switch Lite. In fact, they are required to play a handheld of motion based games.

More importantly, they are nice to have for local multi-player. With a pair of Joy-Cons, you and a friend can both play Mario Kart. But again you'll need a stand to hold up the Switch Lite.

YCCSKY Joy-Con Charging Station

If you buy Joy-Cons but don't have a regular Nintendo Switch you'll need a way to recharge them. This charging stand works great for two pairs of Joy-Cons. Set it up somewhere convenient and drop the Joy-Cons into charge. Then pull them out when ready to play.


Nintendo Switch Lite Dual USB Playstand By HORI

The only Nintendo licensed to stand for the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite plugs in when inserted. The Switch Lite can then be charged via the USB-C port on the side of the stand. Two USB-A ports are also available. Allowing you to connect two wired controllers.

ECHZOVE Adjustable Stand for Nintendo Switch Lite

A compact, basic stand for playing your Switch Lite in tabletop mode. When in use you can adjust the viewing angle from 45 to 60 degrees. When not in use it folds into itself. Becoming small enough to fit in many Switch Lite carrying cases.

Genki Portable Stand

A minimalist stand. With a simpler and lighter design for travel. Effectively a small tripod made for the Nintendo Switch. And will work equally well for the Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

Nintendo's original charge and play stand. Designed for the original Switch, but should work with the Switch Lite. The Switch connects to it via the USB-C port. And the stand has its own USB-C port to plug a charger into. It provides a clean looking setup if you want to play in tabletop mode at your desk or table. But it doesn't offer USB-A ports like the Hori version above.