Anker USB-IF Certified Chargers

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According to the official USB-IF certified “power bricks” list Anker has USB-IF certified chargers.

Anker does not advertise these chargers as being USB-IF certified. Why not? I don’t know. Anker is a member of the USB-IF. And they advertise their PowerLine II USB-C cables as being USB-IF certified. But the list from the USB Implementors Forum is clear with names and model numbers direct from Anker.

Most of the certified products are wall chargers. But there is one power bank, making it the only USB-IF certified power bank from the major brands (Anker, RAVPower, and AUKEY).

Based on this new information I’ve adjusted the safety ratings for these chargers.

Anker’s USB-IF Certified Chargers

Nothing out of the ordinary in this line up. These are Anker’s newer USB-C PD chargers.

Anker’s USB-IF Certified Power Bank
Another Connection With the Nintendo Switch Edition Power Bank

The listed model number of the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD (A1275) brought another detail to my attention. If you search Anker’s site for that model number you’ll get a different result: the PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition. Both it and the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD use the same base model number.

  • PowerCore Speed 20000 PD = A1275Z11
  • PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition = A1275S11

My review of the PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition noted the matching specs of both power banks. The shared model number further shows the 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition model is, at the very least, based on the Speed 20000 PD model. The Nintendo Switch Edition is not USB-IF certified. The certification list clearly names the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD. But maybe it will be when the list is next updated. More Anker power banks may appear on the certified list later.


My thanks to Ian for pointing out Anker’s listings on the certified list.