Inateck 60W PD Charger with Dual USB-C Review

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A dual USB-C charger. The top port works with your phone, the bottom port for anything up to a 13-inch USB-C laptop. Includes plug adapters for US, UK, and EU outlets.

Xcentz xWingMan Dual with Nintendo Switch

Xcentz xWingMan Dual Review

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A compact USB-C PD and Quick Charge power bank. Fast charges most phones. Also good for Nintendo Switch and small accessories. Includes a USB-C to USB-A cable for Quick Charge phones.

Omars 26800 Portable Energy Storage Station with Nintendo Switch

Omars 26800 Portable Energy Storage Station Review

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A power station offering USB-C Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and a 90W AC outlet for larger devices. Too large for regular travel, though it could board a U.S. flight without issue.

Switch Charger Speed Rating 5.0

Switch Charger Speed Ratings Update, Version 5.0

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I’ve done a major update to my Nintendo Switch speed ratings for USB-C chargers. I’ve added a new rating level and adjusted where certain charger specs fall on the chart.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 with Nintendo Switch

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Review

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Known more for their phones and laptops in the USA, Xiaomi also makes popular power banks. In the USA they support the ZMI brand. But retailers like Banggood make Xiaomi branded power banks available worldwide.

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD deal

Anker USB-C PD Power Banks Are Amazon’s Deal of the Day Today

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BlitzWolf BW-S10 30W USB PD with Nintendo Switch

BlitzWolf BW-S10 30W USB PD Review

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A 30W USB-C PD charger with a built-in EU plug. Will fast charge the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. Good for anyone living in or visiting Europe.

Anker PowerPort II PD with Nintendo Switch

Anker PowerPort II PD Review

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A USB-C and USB-A dual port charger. Ideal for travel or a second home/office charger. It’ll fast charge most USB-C devices from a phone up to a 12-inch laptop.

Solice 20000 Type-C with Nintendo Switch

Solice 20000 Type-C Review

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A large capacity, low output, budget power bank. It’ll charge the Switch while you play, and provide more playtime than smaller 18W models. But is bigger and heavier than necessary. And not well refined.

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter with Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter Review

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The USB-C charger included with the Nintendo Switch. Works great for the Switch and its accessories. But has an inflexible design, both physically and supporting non-Nintendo devices.