Switch Chargers 2019 In Review

2019 reviewed USB-C chargers

2019 was a busy year for Switch Chargers. There were 50 new reviews posted. As well as many older reviews updated with new format and testing methods. We also saw the launch fo the updated Nintendo Switch and the all new Nintendo Switch Lite. Here’s a look back at the product reviews. Including some of the standouts.

2019 Reviews

Chargers reviewed in 2019

My Favorite Chargers of 2019

Most of the chargers and power banks I checked out in 2019 were good. Some were better for general use. While others were made to handle a particular niche better than the average charger. But a few stood out for me personally.

Power Banks

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD | Review

The best new power bank from Anker in a while. It meets the needs of most of us with a USB PD supporting phone, Nintendo Switch, or other small device. When you add in the cost of a USB-C cable it is priced to compete. And I like its compact design.

AUKEY PB-Y25 Sprint Wireless | Review

One of the smallest power banks with USB-C PD, Quick Charge, and Qi wireless charging. It has lower capacity to keep its slim design. But lots of charging flexibility for a lot of devices. I’ve found myself using it as a travel wireless charging pad.

J-Go Tech XCOREsion 15-45 | Review

The smallest 45W USB-C PD power bank on the market. Its 15,000mAh won’t keep a laptop running all day. But it isn’t much bigger than many lower output power banks. So it makes for a good phone charger that can handle a laptop in an emergency.

Wall Chargers

Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1 | Review

One of the most anticipated USB-C chargers of the year. Enough power output for a small laptop, but fits in the palm of your hand. Any USB-IF certified, too. The only debate about its greatness came from those who prefer folding prongs on their charger.

Anker PowerPort PD Nano | Review

One of Anker’s least hyped chargers turned out to be a great addition to their offerings. One of the smallest 18W USB-C PD chargers. About the size of an iPhone charger, but offering 3 times the output. And USB-IF certification. But only available at Best Buy.

AUKEY PA-D5 Focus Duo 63W | Review

My new go to travel charger. It pushed me to stop using a USB-C & USB-A multiport charger. The top port will fast charge my iPhone 8. The bottom port works well for all my travel devices, from a second iPhone to my MacBook Pro. With the right assortment of cables it handles every my wife and I need away from home.

USB-C Cable

AUKEY Impulse Braided Cable C-C | Review

I really like this cable. It is the first non-black or white in my collection. It has good length when traveling with a laptop. And the durability of a braided cable without all the inflexibility. The only downside is AUKEY doesn’t submit their products for USB-IF certification. Even so it is now part of my travel kit when I go with a larger USB-C device.

Switch Chargers Reviews of 2019

In case you missed one here’s a complete list of new product reviews from 2019. And 2020 has already started strong with reviews. With many more in the queue. Thanks for your support last year.

Power Banks
Wall Chargers